To Go Convertible Messenger

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by BK on 10/25/2016
The more I use this bag the more disappointed I am. The Wander was sooo much better!!! The size, the pockets, compartments, etc... are way more useful on the Wander. I wish you would bring the Wander back so I could have it in the cool colors and designs you have the Go Convertible in. Can't you merge the slightly bigger size of the Convertible with the pockets and compartments of the Wander??? That would be my dream bag. Don't forget the back hidden zipper pocket for my phone and maybe keep one of the (water bottle???) pockets on the outside side that are on the Convertible and one on the inside that the Wander has... Now that bag would always be selling!!!

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To Go Convertible Messenger


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To Go Convertible - Black Juniper