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frequently asked questions

Bag Info & Care

Are Haiku bags completely sustainable?
What sustainable materials do Haiku bags use?
Are Haiku bags vegan-friendly?
What's the best way to clean my bag?
My bag is extra-dirty, though. Can I run it through the washing machine?

Bottles to Bags

How are Haiku bags made from recycled bottles?


Where are Haiku bags made?
Why are Haiku bags not made in the United States?
OK, but how do I know your workers are being treated fairly?

Orders & Shipping

When will my package arrive?
How do I return or exchange my bag?
My bag arrived damaged. What do I do?
How do I track the status of my order?

Warranty Issues

My bag broke. Will Haiku replace it for me?
What if I bought my bag somewhere other than the Haiku website?

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